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How Much will Window Cleaning Cost?

Updated: Apr 12

professional window cleaning

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when pricing our window cleaning service. Examples include quantity of windows, type of window, and how tall the building or home is. Pricing will be lower for exterior only cleaning. Buildings and homes are all unique, so it can be difficult to give a precise estimate without an in person quote.

From our experience, the typical single level home measuring up to 1200sqft ranges from $80-$150 for exterior only cleaning and $150-$300 for both interior and exterior.

A 2000sqft+ can cost upwards of $200 for exterior only cleaning and upwards of $400 for both interior and exterior.

Keep in mind that these are very rough numbers that are meant to simply give an idea of what it usually costs. If you'd like an over the phone estament for your house or a free in person quote please contact us.

Starting prices for services are $59 for residential, $99 for commercial, and $19 for storefront.

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