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Window Cleaning Services

Dr. Squeeg uses quality cleaning products and equipment to produce better results than old fashioned window spray and paper towel

  • No streaks

  • No paper particles left behind

  • Crystal clear, every time

For a professional clean, call Dr.Squeeg



Windows are often high touch surfaces, especially when living with kids and pets. Left behind oil deposits, dirt, and grime are no problem for Dr. Squeeg.

Cleaning windows is an important step in maintaining home hygiene. Windows often collect dust and dander, which can exacerbate allergies. Excess moisture and poorly insulated windows can cause mould growth on windows and tracks.

Make window cleaning a part of your routine home hygiene. 


Doesn't the rain wash my windows?

Actually, rain is one of the main culprits of dirty windows.

Minerals in rain water leave hard water deposits on the glass which leave water spots when dry.


Dr. Squeeg recommends having your windows cleaned at least once a year. For optimal results windows should be cleaned each Spring and Fall. 

You won't believe the difference!

Please not our minimum pricing for residential homes is $59.

For more information on pricing estimates check out our blog.

For exact pricing please contact us for a free in-person quote.


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